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The damaged hair is a big issue these days. Due to external factors, the skin, nails and hair have to suffer and we just have to protect them even more. In a previous article, we told you about the things to do do minimize the things we normally do to our hair.

Either it’s the hair die, the hairdryer, the beauty products, it’s a fact: it screams for help especially if it already begun the damaging process. If you have rebel threads and split ends you are dealing with a dry one.

#1. Buy Special Formula for Damaged Hair 

The special formula we refer to has zinc and selenium in it. These ingredients are the key elements that wil rejuvenate the hair. The same thing happens with the shampoo and conditioner options. Choose hydration over anything. The professional hair products are even better because they come in limited edition and are even better. That’s because the have a higher level of quality ingredients that repair your hair no questions asked.

Caviar Moisturising Shampoo

#2. Buy a Hair Brush With Natural Fibers

Why? Because natural fibers are much more delicate with your hair. In stores you can find plastic, wood or silicone bristles but they will break your hair even more.

Forster’s Natural Hair Brush

#3. Use a Hydration Hair Mask

Besides the fact that you use conditioner during the week, a hair mask is more than welcomed but only once a week. It can make wonders for your hair after the 10-20 minutes of action. Normally, the mask is meant for wet hair because it’s a better way to give your hair shine, vitality and to make it healthier.

Maskeratine, Kerastase

#4. Make Homemade Hair Treatments

The natural is better. A homemade treatment is never overrated! There are lots of amazing ingredients you can use: olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, argan oil, almond oil and honey. All of these are the best ingredients for a healthy kind of hair. The benefits would be: it nourishes the hair from the deepest roots, it’s like a scalp massage when you apply it and it will activate the sebum glands.

If you don’t feel like doing it, it’s ok to go to the salon and get a keratine tratment.

#5. The Oil/Serum

This magic beauty product does the trick. Remember NOT to use it right before you get out of the house becase it will attract much more dust and other pollutants of the environment that damage your hair even more. Our reccomendation is to use it the night before, right after washing your hair or before going to bed. It leaves the serum protection / the oil to act in the proper amount of time.

Mythic Oil, L’Oreal Professionnel

In addition to all that, hydrate better and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables with vitamin B and C, that are very important for your health and your hair.

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