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Thin hair is considered to be quite difficult to fix but, with these tips and tricks it shouldn’t be a big problem, especially if you have thin hair.

Here is a list of some of the most lovely short hairstyles for fine hair. We already know all about the latest changes and hair trends that celebrities have chosen (baleyage, pastel coloring, rose gold, pixie cut, ombre to name a few). Therefore, if you already chose a short hairstyle, you should focus on volume. Obtaining that every single day, may be a bit challenging and discouraging for those of us with thin or short hair.

To prove that you can be amazing abve all those obstacles, we have compiled this list of 7 adorable and fierce short hairstyles for women!

#1. Long Balayage Bob

With this shoulder-length hairstyle, you don’t have to cut your hair too short, and the layers can work to bring out some natural volume in your hair, even if it generally falls on the flat side. This way you can have a short hairstyle and still look great. You get to keep some length and still be as cool as you get.

#2. Dutch Braid Pixie Cut

This hairstyle brings out the best of a pixie cut, but not that pixie as it may seem. This dutch braid is proof that short hair doesn’t mean that you don’t have styling options. This chic braid works well with ombre or pastel hair.

#3. Rock Pixie Cut

With a good hairstyle cream, you’ll make the world spin. Styling a pixie cut up and away from the head takes it to the next level: the rock vibe. And that’s how you go from sweet to hot. You’ll add volume to your hairstyle in a heartbeat with hair gel or styling cream. Now, you’re free to choose any color you want.

#4. Double Toned Pixie Cut

This is a classic styling of a pixie cut. Sometimes all you have to do is do skip the latest visit to the hair saloon. But if you want to be precise, then get it done! With a double-tinted color and the grunge outfit you’ll kick ass! It’s all about keeping a neutral, yet still unnatural color. You stand out while not being too loud.

#5. Rose Gold Asymmetrical Long Pixie

This edgy haircut has a very short cut on one side and a wavy, longer cut on the other. The mix of purple and rose gold hair colors is super trendy. The edgy cut gives a unique flair. The lightener has an ombre effect, with light tips and deep roots. No matter what angle you look at this hair from, you’re getting a beautiful view.

#6. Straight, Shoulder Length Cut

You can’t get more clssy than that! Having thin hair make it just perfect. You girls are the luckiest ever if you choose the straight shoulder length cut because the natural waves you’ll make, the rest of us are just jealous! It is a versatile look and quite easy to pull off. It’s not toolong, nt too short, so you can still pull it back to get it away from your face and neck. The brown to blonde highlights just make it more sun kissed.

#7. Blonde Buzzed and Beautiful

Buzzed?! A very short haircut. Yep. Hard to pull off, but the blonde is so stunning – as shown below. The result is actually very chic, isn’t it?! Generally a masculine cut, in order to bring femininity into it, you’ll have to rely on your natural features, your makeup, attitude and your daily outfit.

 Photo Source: Pinterest


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