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The Best Ideas About Shoe Storage Solutions

It comes a time when you have to change the season because the weather outside is already doing it. So, the shoes you wore up until then, have to be put aside because are no longer useful.You just have to make room for the next ones. We said “next ones” not “new ones”, right?!

The favorite thing to do is to storage the winter shoes and to get out the summer shoes. The tricky thing is the opposite situation. You find out that the storage space is quite limited when you have to make room for boots and UGG-s.

The manner in which you storage them will tell you if they are still in good shape for the next year or not. If you storage them properly, you’ll wear them all over again in 9 months, but, if you put them in the wrong place, you’ll just ruin them without even wanting it.

Here is the full guide to the ideal shoe storage!

#1. Clean The Sore

Clean it as good as you can. Use a wet wipe to make it easy. If you really want to make it perfect, apply shoe polish – if the type of shoe has the right design to do that. Make sure to take out the dust in it or the next season, you’ll have messy shoes.

#2. Keep The Leg Shape

Nowadays you can buy everywhere these type of shoe shapes. Afterwards, the ideal thing to do is to keep them in the exact box you bought them in. If you can’t find it, buy one in a similar shape.

The Best Ideas About Shoe Storage Solutions

#3. A Good Shoe Cabinet fot The Ones You Wear Now

This cabinet will save you a lot of space. Just make sure that it’s air-tight so that the dust can’t go in.

#4. Put a Label on it

If you got to storage them in boxes, you should know that it could be quite difficult to remember next season what shoes to take out. It’s much more difficult if you have lots of family members. Either you stick a label on it with the name and a short description, either you write with a pen, it’s the right thing to do to make your life easier.

#5. The Dressing

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a dressing only for shoes. Remember to keep it chilly and dark enough. Avoid to storage the shoes or the boxes on the balcony because, due to the moist and the sudden changes of temperature it could ruin your shoes.

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