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The Best Skincare Routine For Your 40s

The time flies and it doesn’t forgive anyone! Everyone has that certain point when realises that the time makes a statement on the hair, skin, way of thinking, on how you feel. No matter how hard you try, you can’t beat TIME!

But, because you can’t really fight it, we kindly invite you to have the best strategy when it comes to your skicare!

After the age of 25, your skin becomes one step closer to maturity, according to the dermatologists. That means that, in your daily routine, you have to introduce special anti-aging formulas.

When you are at the age of 40+, things are much more different. The skin loses its natural glow, the wrinkles go deep and the skin’s tonus is getting lower and lower.

You have to accept it and take it as it is! Luckily, the beauty companies and brands worldwide have solutions for every problem.

How you identify a mature skin?

Your skin doesn’t have a real age, it only has needs. The mature skin has lack of consistency, lack of glow, slowing down the process of cell regeneration, scars, dilated pores, and a strong devitalization. The first wrinkles appear in the most intense used zones: the eyes, around your nose, in the corners of your mouth. Every day you smile, you talk, you use face expressions. That’s why all your features become the points of interest for the wrinkles.

What’s the best skincare routine for 40+?

Every type of skin has a specific skincare ritual. Usually, the 40+ skin gets dry, therefore, the daily ritual would be cleansing, toning, exfoliating, applying an eye serum or eye cream, applying the hydrating cream for day/night.

Once in a while, when you feel the need to do it, you should go to the salon to get a professional treatment according to your needs. These steps will assure you a young and fresh skin for a long time.

What products to use?

Let go of low quality skincare products because they have low concentration of ingredients and most of the times, it’s not what your skin really needs! Choose products with active ingredients, suitable for your type of skin just to infuse your skin and correct what’s needed.

What are the ingredients that restore your collagen?

There are specific compounds that help your skin to readdapt and manage to repair the cells. These stimulate the production of new cells, the amount of collagen and elastin that sustain the healthy skin. The best ingredients are: Vitamin C and E, the hyaluronic acid, retinol (exclusively for 40+).

In addition to all that, what should you do to increase skin longevity?

Our body has over 100 trillion cells and the body’s activity is sustained by the health of every cell. The skin aging is, in fact, the effect of deficiencies and the surpluses in your body. Our recommendation would be to choose balance in every way possible: healthy food, vitamins, beauty products that match your skin type, hydration, practice sports regularly and cleanse your skin every day (morning/evening) even if you don’t wear makeup.

But hey, age is just a number, right?

You are beautiful just the way you are!

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