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There are never too many sources of inspiration when it comes to summer looks. Here and there, everywhere we can find inspo for everyday looks.

We came up with 4 best accessories to own to build a trendy and cool summer outfit.

#1. Pale sunglasses

This summer, follow the pale sunglasses from brands such as Acne and Stella McCartney. Just be prepared to switch the classic black to something more pale. From mottled marble to soft blush, light frames are a wearable item among fashion lovers. Whether you suit cat-eye or round designs, just make sure they’re pastel this season.

#2. Mismatched earrings

Matchy earrings are so last year. The fashion girls are turning to mismatched earrings for a moden jewellery look. The British jewellery brand, Astley Clarke supports the eclectic style and their earrings are available both in pairs and individually. It’s a mix-and-match aesthetic to achieve.

#3. Raffia Bags

Everything is easier with a raffia bag. Every fashionista comes back to those times when raffia bags weren’t only for a day at the beach. A round raffia purse trend is ideal for those relaxed looks. You can even choose a handy raffia clutch for the urban taste during the summer.

#4. Backless slippers

This trend was first launched by Gucci. The backless slipper is one of our favourites because this trend understood that summer means a new wave of designs.

Whatever you choose, just make sure it suits you. Wear it with confidence and make it happen by the trendy look you impose.


Photo Source: SheerLuxe, FashionLady


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