The boho fashion style is nonconformist and bohemian and it basically refers to putting together a kinda loose outfit customed with that particular attitude that only misanthropes artists have. It means choosing relaxed looks made of natural fabrics and put together in an apparently disorganised matter with no chromatic rules.

It all started from the ’70s and, ever since, year by year the boho became boho-chic adding folk, gypsy, ethnic and vintage details to it. This particular style appeared in Hollywood and it was first seen at Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins and Kate Moss. They were the first celebrities to initiate this fashion style.

Here are the particularities of the boho-chic fashion style!

#1. Flare jeans represent the basic item to start with. Simply choose the vintage ones.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#2. The maxi dress as loose as possible. You can identify the crocheted fabrics, the ethnic print or the florals. During the fall season choose thick cotton or velvet. The maxi cut tends to give you a hippie vibe, especially if you wear it with colored bags, denim shirts and hair accessories.

Photo Source: H&M, AliExpress

#3. Traditional shirts. We’re talking about printed ones because these have an extravagant mix and this particularity highlights the bohemian vibe.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#4. Bold accessories. Feather, fringes, fedora hats lead to the native american population – the tribes. You can even add colored, printed, oversized scarves,because the more, the better! Add leather bracelets, big gemstores, big rings, flower crowns and long necklaces.

Photo Source: Pinterest, Meninices da Vida

#5. Shoes. You’re free to wear suede boots or western/biker boots. During the summer season, choose laced sandals or the Greek ones. If you are a fringe fan, go for it.

Photo Source: Where to Get

#6. The hairstyle. Long hair, loose curls and different types of braids.

Photo Source: H Style

#7. The make up. You can’t truly say that there is a certain type of make up, because, the lack of it makes the bohemian style fun. If you still want to highlight certain parts, choose a bold shade of lipstick.

Photo Source: Pinterest

This style is versatile because it isn’t afraid to combine different textures and proportions in the most odd but well thought combinations.


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