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The best definition of the casual style would be the off-duty look with a twist. This fashion style is a relaxed and decent one, but, in the same time, it gives you confidence and power. It’s the same with street style, the well known off-duty look with comfy everyday pieces.

The TOP: A shirt, sweater, jacket, blazer, office shirt or a denim one. These shouldn’t have bold prints or strong messages.

The BOTTOM: Straight or high waist jeans without prints that could distract your attention or pants that can be easily put together with a blazer.

The SHOES: choose boots flats or sandals, but not sport shoes. Don’t be afraid to match the color of your shoes with the blazer. Although it’s quite predictable, choose a statement necklace or sunglasses and you’ll get the casual look you wanted.


It’s a fashion style brought into our attention by the famous designers straight from the runway: Alexander Wang, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Hermes to name a few. An informal fashion style like sport casual it’s a little bit tricky because the girls wearing it find themselves with lots of cargo pants and T-shirts in their closet. The psychological impression of a sport casual girl would be a friendly, relaxed, athletic, easy going person. In the opposite way, some people would consider her a careless person with a lack of femininity.

Representative pieces: simple T-shirt, large cargo pants, jersey pants, hoodies, sport shoes and flats.


It’s the most approached by women around the world. It’s comfy enough to highlight the femininity and it’s a stylish way to express your personality. For example if you’re a romantic person you’ll choose dresses with flower prints and flats. If you’re addicted to jeans, you’ll wear them with a large T-shirt and statement necklace and thick heels.

Representative pieces: cotton dresses, soft silk, jersey, oversized jackets, jeans, tops and heels.


The business casual looks means that you are stiff but not too stiff, if you know what I mean. This fashion style is the mix between the office items and the everyday ones. Everyone wears it! It’s a clean fashion style and elegant enough to attend a business meeting but with an open minded voice.

Representative pieces: the oversized blazer, the neutral shirts, heels, simple but with a twist accessories.

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