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Going back, Buffon said “Style is the man itself!” – “Le style, c’est l’ homme meme!”. Many took this idea literally and exposed their personality through their clothes. Everyone has to understand that their image is their mirror. Although, many women still adopt a classic style due to the fact that it’s a safe one. You can’t go wrong anywhere wearing it.

TWO WORDS: Timeless pieces.

Therefore, the classic fashion style is defined by simplicity, elegance and femininity. This style has a defined cut. Classic girls wear only qualitative fabrics, clean hairstyles, natural make up and french manicure. They rarely dare more. This style is suitable for business women, politicians and women with masculine jobs.

This fashion style suits even the curvy girls with straight cuts in the upper side: tight dresses with a belt that would highlight the waist, maxi skirts, under the knee skirts and heels. The classic girl would choose fine materials: soft cloth, silk, cashmere, tweed.

Representative Pieces: chic accessories, jackets, blazers, a trench, dresses and over the knee skirts, scarves, belts. Classic girls don’t want to try too much with their outfits and, that’s why, they don’t make mistakes.

Features: straight lines, defined proportions, neutral colors. A classic girl would wear even monochrome outfits in neutral shades like white, black, navy, grey or beige. Due to the fact that it’s not a bold fashion style, the classic look is rarely color block, or even colorful.

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