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The Designers behind BAJA EAST: John Targon & Scott Studenberg

The famous brand BAJA EAST was founded by Scott Studenberg and John Targon in October 2013 and is coming up with a new vibe in fashion industry – “loose luxury.” Crossing the line between men and women, they take an ambisexual approach to everyday dressing where west coast ease meets aggressive city cool.

There are lots of celebrities who embraced their fashion clothing line, among them: Jared Leto, Zac Efron, Adam Levine, Swen Stefani, Gwyneth Paltrow Cameron Diaz and many more. The New York-based brand, reached a global interest, particularly online.

“The future of fashion will be ambisexual. The idea is that it doesn’t limit any gender.”

Targon and Studenberg both worked in fashion wholesale, and sensed an opportunity when some female friends asked to borrow their clothes. They thought to do something different. Based on this idea, they built the fashion brand Baja East.

Men who would never dare to walk into women’s stores – where most of the line is sold – are buying clothes from the brand via women’s e-retailers. The pair also launched Baja Baby in 2015.

“We had extra fabric lying around in our factories, so we started doing little baby hoodies and sweatpants,” Studenberg says.


Born in Chicago but raised in Las Vegas, John Targon moved to New York in 2002. Here, he studied at Parsons School of Design and graduated with a BBA. He soon started his career as an intern at a luxury footwear start-up. This internship revealed his entrepreneurial spirit and he soon developed everything in that direction. He started a nusiness, and after only 3 months, he grew the distribution of his items up to 30 stores.

There are rumors that Prada recruited him to manage their men’s footwear business before graduating. Targon’s career include the double-digit growth of the men’s and women’s wholesale business at Givenchy. He even retouched the strategy for Celine. Gaining a lot of experience in wholesale and retail, he became quite an expert in the closure and the re-launch of all distribution channels and flagship boutiques.

The fashion designer has strong leadership skills and inspires his team a lot. He leads them to work towards the goals and targets with nothing more than passion. His wotk inlcuded a period of time at Burberry where he had a fundamental role in the brand’s repositioning, developing strategy and overseeing the men’s division. Being a $250 million dollar business, Targon leads a team of 12 people.

“Baja East was built on feeling confident and sexy in what you’re wearing, and it doesn’t have to be traditional tailoring or fitted dresses.”


Born and raised in Michigan, Scott Studenberg moved to New York in 2002 to pursue a career in modeling. his love for the actual design of the clothes quickly led him to being more of a fashion designer. He applied and entered at The Fashion Institute of Technology for Advertising & Marketing Communications, and in between classes he started a career in casting, production, and styling. After graduating, he became an editor at W Magazine, gaining a valuable experience and exposure to the editorial world. He moved to the wholesale fashion business and soon joined Lanvin, the oldest couture housein France.

Studenberg has a natural talent for styling and merchandising. He gained a lot of experience in sales and demands, the saw the connection between press and the business and he used these tools to grow his name. He was a Sales Director at the women’s wholesale of North & South America for 5 years. He has successfully developed the brand’s distribution through key retail partnerships.

“Fashion should be for everyone. When Jared Leto goes around wearing a skirt, he doesn’t look like a girl — he just looks cool.”, said Studenberg during an interview.

Targon and Scott Studenberg had an eye for what works in the luxury market and, with Baja East, they blended lush textures (leather and cashmere) with graffiti prints and beachy silhouettes.

The result was Baja East, a clothing brand that takes on luxury fashion that both men and women can wear.

Photo Sources: Pinterest, Fashion Week Daily.


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