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The eclectic style combines different styles, sometimes contrasting ones, and experiments the basic with the atypical, vintage, bohemian, designer pieces, nonconformist ones. The final looks would be avantgardism oriented.

This fashion style comes with pale colors, mixed prints and fabrics. The stylists call it the “Global Nomad”, while editors call it the “Bag-lady chic”, accordingly to the reference collections. The French edition of the Vogue magazine has a different name for it – the “Total Look” and it’s expressed by the top-model Sasha Pivarova in 7 shocking outfits.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Shocking, strident and totally innapropriate – these are the words that come in mind when you see the specific looks. Actually it’s a #NoStyle but it takes skills to match them in the combination that suits you the best. It can be a mix of ethnic items that create a “globe trotter” – traveller that wears something traditional. You can add shiny elements, embroidery or vintage jewelry. In order to keep the modern vibe, choose trendy items: boots, a well fitted blazer, or even a masculine one or a “cool” jacket.

Photo Source: Pinterest (Sarah Jessica Parker – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and The City character)

Representative designer’s collections: Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood and not only. Miuccia Prada was the first to set the trend “Bag-lady look”. In fact, this look doesn’t have anything to do with second hand clothes or the patchwork look. It’s the aristrocrat gone poor but chic. Yes. It takes skills.

Photo Source: InStyle (PRADA, Eclectic Looks)

Representative pieces: the pale and dusty colors (bleached, blue, yellow, pale pink, grey, brick) and mixed fabrics that, at the first look, they don’t get along, knitwear, hats, old fur, vintage satin skirts, suits with a masculine cut, knitted socks and cut out boots or sandals.

Photo Source: Pinterest (RALPH LAUREN, Eclectic Look)

This fashion style gets you bold but only if you have a careless attitude.

What’s the logic in that? None. Sometimes, fashion should be “just for fun”.


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