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The unconfortable truth is that pimples are the real deal. When it comes to fighting against one, you have to be prepared! It’s annoying and wrong to have one. If we could do magic, we could make it dissapear.

Unfortunately, this thing is not possible. Here are 5 emergency remedies against pimples. The thing is you have them in your own home.

#1. Honey

Right after the pimple is out, strike it down with… honey. Add a patch on top of it and go to bed. The chances to make it dissapear in the morning are pretty high.

#2. Toothpaste

It’s the same thing as with honey. The toothpaste has some specific ingredients meant to dry out the roots. If in the morning it doesn’t dissapear, it will shrink for sure.

#3. Vinegar

If there’s an emergecy with your skin, use some vinegar. Apply just a few drops on top of it. If you add too much, it’s possible to sting a little bit. If you have a sensitive skin, dilute the vinegar with water! You must boil the water and then, let it cool for a while.


#4. Oatmeal

Boil some oatmeal flakes in a pot of water and let it cool. Apply it on your face like a mask. Let it on for 15 minutes, then, rinse with water. The redness will be gone and the acne shall dissapear.

#5. Eye Drops

Now that’s a bizarre trick! The eye drops will cool down the redness and the swolen pimple. It will shortly dissapear. 


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