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Anna Sui is one of the most famous fashion designers worldwide. She was born in Michigan and became one of the celebrities favourite because her design is feminine and flirty.


She is a couture designer known for her eponymous clothing line. She received the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s prestigious Geoffrey Beene Award for lifetime achievement in fashion.

She wanted to get involved in the fashion industry at an early age. When she was little, she read an article about 2 girls that went to Parson’s School of Design in New York. When they graduated, Elizabeth Taylor opened up a boutique for them, so she thought that the key to success would be graduating this specific fashion school. Back then, her babysitter has an issue of Seventeen Magazine and read another article on Parsons, so she made the decision to get in.

Her parents supported her decision and helped her to pursue her dream.



Sui started out her own business and she worked for some big fashion companies. She shared a booth with her friends at a boutique trade show, where she featured her very first line. From that moment on, she received the appropriate attention. She even got orders from Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.



She travelled to Paris with her best friend Steven Meisel, where they went to watch the first fashion shows. On their way, they picked up Madonna from Ritc Carlton. When they arrived at the Gaultier fashion show, Madonna took off her jacket and revealed the Anna Sui dress that she chose for the night. That exact moment was Anna Sui’s most favorite of them all – she felt extremely proud.



Her debut on the runway was in 1991, and up until today, her patchwork-boudoir aesthetic is instantly recognizable in her clothing, her store design, even in her beauty packaging. It became a true lifestyle brand.


Anna opened her first colourful and unique boutique in New York’s Soho District. The store reflects Sui”s distinct taste: pairing flea market furniture and whimsical Dolly Head mannequins in a room with purple walls and red floors.



She got a contract for distribution rights in Japan for cosmetic and fragrance licenses. In that moment she became international. The fragrance line was from Germany, a company called Wella, who then got bought by P&G. the fashion designer had P&G cross-distribute her fragrance, which is really what put Sui on the map in Asia. She currently has a distributor in Taiwan, and stores in China as well as Hong Kong.

<<I’m very proud and grateful. It’s something I don’t think anyone ever dreamed of because no one really knew China was going to explode like this. The first time I went there, I called my mother from Shanghai and said, “Mom, if I was younger I would move here. It is all going to happen here”.>>

Anna Sui Shoes are manufactured by Ballin in Venice, Italy, the shoe collection is comprised of both day and evening styles, and include velvet, silk, patent leather, snake and lizard skin, shearling and suede.



Anna Sui opened her Los Angeles boutique in 1999 in Sunset Plaza, in West Hollywood.


For Fall 2000, Sui Dreams, the second Anna Sui fragrance launched worldwide.


Sui Love, the third fragrance from Anna Sui launched Spring 2002.


Anna Sui is known for her fun and femininity in her clothing lines. One of the most popular collections was the one made for Target in 2009, based on the characters from Gossip Girl.

“I work very long hours, usually seven days a week. I have someone that takes care of textiles, one person to look after prints, another in charge of embroidery and one main design assistant. This means that I still do most of the designing, as this is what I enjoy and why I am here today.”


She designed luggage with Tumi, bags with Coach, a sportswear collection with FILA in China.

Today, Anna Sui has over 50 boutiques in eight countries with her collection sold in 300 stores in over 30 countries globally. She’s got a Soho flagship, an international cult status (particularly in Asia), a successful beauty line, and the top of the line – The Anna Sui BoHo Barbie.


She is truly an inspiration in the fashion industry and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Info Source: RealStyleNetwork, Fashion Informat.

Photo Source: Pinterest


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