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When we describe an elegant woman dressed just like in the movies in Hollywood, we say that it’s “glamorous”. Why? Because it’s shiny, stilish, magnetic, very dressed up.

You shouldn’t understand that it has something to do with glitter or golden accessories or even the majestic make up.

Being “glamorous” is a specific attitude that sums up the make up, the clothing, the gestures. For example, in Hollywood there are lots of fascinating women not necessarily glamorous (Angelina Jolie).

You should know that there are 3 types of glamorous fashion styles:

#1. The CLASSIC Glamour 

The perfect example would be Elisabeth Hurley with her “sweet classic style” because all she expresses if sparkle with her blue eyes and brown hair. Her make up is always fresh and impecable, her well proportioned figure and her wavy hair.

Nicole Kidman would be another example because her acual style is inspired from the ’40s. Her face and body have classic features but always in style.

Kate Hudson would be the actress who remind us of Brigitte Bardot or Greta Garbo, due to her porcelain skin, her shiny hair and impeccable style.

#2. The Sensual GLAMOUR

Catherine Zeta Jones fits right in. She also said in an interview that “her place isn’t in this era because she always dreamed herself acting with Fred Astaire”. She is the queen of glamour.

When Kylie Minogue attends the fashionable events , one can swear she belongs to the red carpet. She has that glow, but, due to her generous lips, she has that sensuality.

Liv Tyler is also a statement in the area of the glam Hollywood. Her outfits are classic and minimalist, but they don’t really have that vintage features one can only expect. She has a remarcable beauty.


#3. The Exotic GLAMOUR

Sixty years ago, it was impossible for a colored woman to become a sex-simbol, but the rules are meant to be broken. Halle Berry is one of them and it fits right in the glamorous style, but an exotic one.

Due to her refinement, Salma Hayek is a celebrity that represents the glamour.

With an hairstyle from the ’40s and a make up inspired by the ’30s, express glamour because they are classic and beautiful. During these days, fashion is all about being bold and daring but glamour is being classic and beautiful.

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