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The basic elements for a gothic fashion style are… darkness and everything related to it. Using black, punk items, Victorian and Elisabethan details, a gothic inspired outfit can be quite unique.

This style comes from literature and arts and uses fabrics from those famous paintings we all know: satin, silk, leather and velvet. The gothic clothing items are dark, sometimes morbid, even erotic, such as long dresses, corsets, wavy designs and Victorian cuts, over a light skin. The make up is all black everything and the nail art is chosen in dark colors.


The fine line would be in combining different elements like fluid materials (silk, veil) used in combination with stiff fabrics (leather, nylon, metallic). On top of it, we can find strange accessories like crosses or skulls.

Designers like Givenchy, Maurizio Galante, Christian Dior or Jean Paul Gaultier have chosen gothic inspired outfits, over time, expressing it through the color and the specific cut. The models are chosen accordingly: romantic features but with a morbid make up (contoured eyes, white-like-milk type of skin and red lips),


The true essence of it would be in finding and expressing your true identity and true fears in an aggresive way, through your clothes. Gothic style is nonconformist and avoids every limit imposed by the society. It symbolizes the power, the individualism, the sexuality.


Unlike the universal acceptance of the magazines (the classic 60-90-60), the gothic inspired outfits prefer the curvy type of body. The true example of that would be Theda Bara, the actress from the mid ’20s and Dita von Teese (2000). Both of them have qualities that do not match the type of perfection we all know.

Theda Bara-gothic-style

You can build a refined and elegant gothic inspired outfit with lace and metal in the “lolita” kind of way, through minimalism, fluidity of the fabric and lighter colors. You can go with the “vampire” details by highlighting the curves with satin or leather, or velvet with golden accessories.

Dita von Teese-gothic-outfit

Dita von Teese

Representative Pieces: long dresses, dark colored corsets, black eyeliner, plum lipstick, precious fabrics: satin, silk, leather and velvet, T-shirts with aggresive messages and dark colored shirts.

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