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The grunge fashion style is an influence inspired from the ’90s. Back then, this funky womenswear and menswear style was very popular due to the faded colors (brown, green, indigo, white, grey and black), plaid flannel shirts and bleached ripped jeans.

These being said, the grunge inspired outfits are considered to represent the most depressing fashion style of the last decades. You should know that the unisex style had a short life, up until 1994.


The nonconformists choose this kind of looks. They will choose dark colors and unique prints – graphic, minimalist, tartan, floral and animal prints.

The ideal outfit would be a pair of Converse, ripped jeans, a minimalist crop top, a plaid shirt (checkered) on top of it, messy hair and colored highlights. The matching set will be the rebel attitude and the positive vibe that comes with it.


Representative Pieces: leather jackets, XXL sweaters, bleached ripped jeans, studded crop tops, lots of accessories, the masculine beanie, the oversize bag, biker boots.


  • The hairstyle – Te hair can be either short, long, curly or straight, but the messy look is a must have. Due to this fashion style, you have the freeedom to try colored highlights.
  • A comfy shirt – The flannel is in style right now. If you truly want a unique one, just apply an arm band and you’re all set (Inspiration: Pearl Jam sau Nirvana).
  • Ripped jeans – Don’t buy them already ripped. Why? Because they are expensive and the process of making them like that is quite fun and easy. Just be creative!
  • Wear boots everywhere – Choose them as vintage as they get!
  • Learn from the best – Just look at Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.
  • Layers. Layers. Layers. – Try to add an extra layer you already added. If it’s hot outsite, try to add just T-shirts. Our advice: be creative enough because you don’t want to be boring.


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