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The “Lolita” fashion style is a mix between a bunch of different trends. It’s romantic, provocative, sexy, or, on the other hand, ingenue, classic or vintage. It has no rules!

Representative Pieces: corsets, lace, bloomers, pastel colors, ribbons, tulle, colored tights, over the knees socks, creepers or patent leather, platforms, babydoll tops and dresses. The influences would be victorian, gothic, edwardian, retro, rococo, visual kei and alternative fashion. Initially, this style appeared in Japan. As you can see below, there are 12 types of Lolita:

#1. Romantic Lolita

She will choose frills, babydoll cut, florals, bows, light colors (especially pink). She will act childish and innocent and her vibe will be girlie (kittens, hearts, fruits, cartoon characters). Her make up will be natural, in warm colors with the higlight on the cheeks.

#2. Classic Lolita

The classic Lolita will be much more elegant. She will choose ruffled dresses, frilled shirts, turtlenecks and oversize shoulders. She will choose the Mary Jane type of shoes.

#3. Gothic Lolita

She is something else! The clothing items tend to be nonconformist with a rock vibe. The main color is black. Contrasts are the main attraction of this particular style. Lace and leather with socks and boots and the provocative items are for the gothic Lolita. The make up would be smokey eyes and red lipstick on a pale skin.

#4. Sweet Lolita

Pastel. Pastel. Pastel. Light pik, peach, nude, baby blue, nude rose with “Alice in Wonderland” as a reference. She will always choose bonnets, candy and stuffed animals.

#5. Decora Lolita

Besides the classic Lolita style, she will add unconventional accessories: stuffed animals, jewelry made of candy, fancy hair accessories, small purses, stripped tights.

#6. Punk Lolita

Punk all over – no doubt in that – ripped fabric, plaids, safety pins, ties, chains and Vivienne Westwood clothing items. Two words: pretty and aggressive.

#7. Princess Lolita

This style is based on the European aristocracy. Representative pieces: a tiara and a rococo skirt.

#8. Ōji Lolita

It’s a tomboy Lolita inspired from the victorian age, using shorts, suit pants, over the knee socks and hats.

#9. Sailor Lolita

Stripped clothes, ties, sailor hats, eye patches and lots of jewels.

#10. Country Lolita

Fruit baskets, hats and rustic accessories, combined with the Sweet Lolita’s style.

#11. Wa Lolita

Japanese type of clothing (kimono/hakama) combined with victorian age elements.

#12. Casual Lolita

The example would be a casual T-shirt with sweet elements and a midi tulle skirt.

A Lolita look is girlie, proud and full of personality and it doesn’t have a problem with the trends, age or a certain lifestyle. A Lolita might be modest or une femme fatale. In photos, most of them drink tea, eat muffins, go on picnics, open music boxes, watch carousels and show their manners. 

One thing is for sure: they are sophisticated.

Photo Sources: Pinterest, Tumblr.


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