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The minimalist fashion style in the visual arts field of study would be eliminating every primary color or minimizing the geometry of the surfaces. In fashion, this style expresses the same principles, therefore the space, the light and shape are the prime factor in contouring the final look.

Although the simplicity is a fact, returning to a primary composition is a mathematics dare if we consider the cut, the details or the purity of the colors.minimalist-fashion-style-classic-minimal-lines-monochrome-looks-outfits-simple-graphic-styles-womenswear

The beauty of it, is the fact that it breaks every pattern and it remains an eternal one. The minimalism is based on simple shapes, geometric figures, monochrome looks, with a lack of accessories and usually, all sizes items.


Representative Pieces: stiff shaped dresses, uni colored shirts, no prints, no glitter, no sparkles, pants without pockets, cigarette trousers, simple and single shaped accessories, geometric bags and simple belts.

#1. Quality

The qualitative pieces are the main attraction when choosing the items. It distinguishes through impeccable pieces that gives the impression of luxury. That’s why, it’s better to track the wrinkles of the fabric, the tiny threads. The hairstyle will be impeccable and the make up really simple.


#2. Monochrome Looks

You can choose A line dresses in neutral or vibrant colors like orange, green, blue or burgundy. Accessorizing the minimalist outfit can be quite a catch because you either put simple rings, either you choose simple belts or fine necklaces with a minimal and metallic design.


#3. It’s All About The Angles

This fashion style highlights your best features if you choose so. It’s all about equilibrium. The contrast and the asymmetric items are a big hit and putting together the neutral colors in intense shades can create quite a look.


So, this exquisite fashion style resume to the simplicity of the cut and the preciousness of the details and can be characterized as  functional, aesthetic and reserved. Combining the fine cut with the masculine cut, minimalism can be a constant look in a changing fashion.

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