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The modern woman would choose modern clothes. This specific fashion style has something different and manages to combine other fashion styles but with a twist.

This girl would choose clothes that attract the attention making it androgine. It’s excentric, a true fashionista and likes to play with the materials and the colors, she tries different combinations sometimes good, sometimes odd. She would choose a red suit with sandals, jeans with leather during the day, and a sexy dress with multiple accessories during the night.

Unconventional and avantgardist, the modern girl will have a specific attitude when she wears her outfits. She loves leather, synthetic, lycra, artificial fur and vibrant colors. Sometimes, she would choose more than 3 colors in a single outfit, because she dares a lot.

She accessorizes a lot and the jewelry doesn’t have to be qualitative, but to look good. She plays with proportions, prints, even animal prints, giving the impression that is futuristic and even outrageous.

Comfy or not, colourful or not, the modern girl will always turn some heads because she has that “je ne sais quoi” and she will rock it no matter the circumstance she is in.


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