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When it comes to accessorizes, a girl always pays attention to what’s new in the fashion industry. Because we already know the Spring Summer 2017 Trends in fashion, it’s never too late to know the handbag preferences.

In the previous article, we talked about the wearable handbag trends for 2017. In this one, we’ll reveal all those unusual designs that fashion designers have chosen for 2017 Spring Summer Season.

#1. The Box Shaped Bags

The solid shapes are the best ones! You already know the measurements, therefore it’s easy to estimate what things to put in. Solid box handbags always had an avant-garde ingenuity, that’s why they come and go in the trends list. Every time they appear with something new and modern. They have a way of expressing the unique style of those who carry them. Made of a solid metal, quite thin or maxi these bags are outrageous due to their print.

At Hermes, there are gorgeous box purses in pastel shades. The tiny ones are the “cuteness overload” definition and the medium sized ones remind us of high fashion lunch boxes.

Marni chose to design a larger shape of boxed purses. They combined the utility with beauty. Either we find them in uni colors or not, they are meant to fit in every context possible. The outside the box kind of girls love the design by all means possible.

#2. Outrageous Shapes

The designers really stretched everyone’s conceptions of what a bag is supposed to look like. Some of the designs the fashion brands proposed for this season were truly unexpected and extraordinary. In fact, we are thinking why not? Nowadays, everyone gets bored really quickly and want something else, even from a handbag. Whether they were convenient, we are not so sure, but the shape is quite catchy.

Balenciaga redesigned the oversize bags. Their handbags were the most outrageous of them all, because they got really close to what a market bag should look like. They were also about featuring a brand new shape: a weird pouf that could double as a bag and as a pillow stool.

The “it” handbag is here! Alexander Wang had a new bag shape more on the smaller side of things. The bags were bucket bag shape, maybe barrel or flowerpot shape. Odd but catchy we might say!

Hermes bags reminded us of some kind of brooms. The cylindrical bags covered in three layers of fur were what really caught everyone’s eyes. Fashionistas everywhere understood that this particular shape would be outstanding in street style outfits.

#3. Welcome to Disneyland!

A bag is the perfect accessory for when you want to get really playful. Why? Because is external from the rest of the outfit, so you don’t have to worry too much about getting it wrong. That is why designers chose to get creative and silly with the 2017 handbags. It makes sense to us if we see the designs. Most of them look look like characters is the best way.

Having a bag shaped like an animal or a creature is like a grownup way of carrying a doll. it’s more than cute to express your personality that way! Everyone has a playful side, so the art of camouflage is important. We can think of many situations when having a stealth bag is more than welcomed.

However, these summer 2017 bags masquerading as other things during the fashion week were anything but subtle. Either it’s about famous characters, a bird, a bear or a sheep, the bags were shaped in the most creative way possible.

At Moschino, bags were camouflaged as pill containers, teddy bears, and even one purse shaped as a backpack.

To match with the marching band theme at the Dolce&Gabbana show, many of the bags took the shape of drums, guitars, a tiny piano. We simply loved the chosen theme and the rock vibe was everywhere on the runway.

Cute dachshund dogs were spotted at Thom Browne, with a red and dark blue mix. There were also a plaid white and peach print. The thing with this purses is that you can borrow them to your baby girl and still look cool. Wear it just like you want it and the statement effect created is more than cute.

At Chanel, there were many different styles of purses, including snakeskin and metallic print. The famous robot bag was black with the perfect size for a lipstick and your cell. It’s the perfect choice for a night out on.

One of our favorite summer 2017 bags include the Gucci and J.W. Anderson designs. They are outside the box completely. The bags highlight the theme’s collection in an unexpected way.

#4. Picnic Basket Bags

We simply loooove this trend. It’s already everywhere in the street style looks, so what’s more to say about it? The spring season is the perfect time for picnics, which is why these basket bags remind us of those cheerful moments. They send a relaxed message and the raffia material is so in right now. Either they are round, square or hexagonal, these cute bags are all over the place this season.

One of our favorite is at Charlotte Olympia, where the round basket is colored with a girl’s face with lipstick and all. On top of it, we could see some spring flowers looking more amazing than never. The spring picnic motif ran strong with lots of woven baskets, including a classic lunch basket painted to look like a watermelon.

At Michael Kors, we saw a half-moon shaped picnic-style purse with a wooden handle. Awww! We already crave that picnic feeling!

Tory Burch expressed the timeless satchel bag style more everyone else. Paired with a woven straw style material, the purses made a lovely summery of what we should choose this season. Most of them were mixed up with fluid dresses, perfect for the weather outside. The scarves that filled them up gave volume in a sensual way.

#5. Mini Packs

The Coachella girls already know these designs. Perfect to hide your cellphone and some cash, the mini purses are your best friend in the crow. Wrapped around the waist, they highlight it and style it in an unexpected way. The fashion designers did an excellent job resurrecting the reputation of this practical invention. So, they certainly deserve to be on this list of Spring Summer 2017 bag trends. The sleek wallet-sized fanny packs made of colored leather ruled the runway. Rather than to go for the classic ones, the designers chose graphic prints and shimmery details.

DKNY made fanny packs with futuristic touches. The eclectic style of fashionistas everywhere can express the daring personality with these. They are bold and big, in solid colors and black straps, and their look was extremely clean and sharp. Festival looks loading, right?

At Stella McCartney, the fanny packs were maybe closer to belts with pockets, in earthy shades of leather. The classic touch of the designer was strongly expressed in these items. Minimal but classy, the purses were the main attraction of the runway.

#6. Speak Your Mind

Some of the summer 2017 bags had a message to share. Everyone does! What if we could speak our mind straight on the accessories? Profound or not, we can’t deny that a bag is a more intriguing place to share insights than a T-shirt. The trends show us that the T-shirt messages are still on this season. For some designers, it was strictly a clever way of adding some branding, while others opted for real words and phrases. Why not on the purses? Big, small or medium, the designers found a way to add that phrase on them. But not every bag had printed on it a phrase or a specific word. Some bags prominently displayed the name of the brand.

Dolce&Gabbana endulged us with bags that represent different kinds of restaurant signs. The most outrageous of them all were “Gelateria”, “Pizzeria” or “Bar”.

At Dior, there is quite a showcasing of the brand on their bags, especially along the straps. We also spotted “J’Dior”.

Some designers took their time to think about… future! Many of the summer 2017 purses on the Gucci catwalk displayed the phrases “Future” or “Modern Future.”

#7. The Rounded Handles

It is always interesting when a few designers land on the same brand new design choice independently of each other. That’s exactly what happened with these rounded handles. So, the firm handle spring 2017 handbag trend is here!

We loved that Chloe design – the circular bag handle was the predominant style. It’s cute, feminine and classy to walk around in those ballerina shoes in the city streets.

Michael Kors combined two trends in one: the picnic ruffle material vibe with the round handle. The designer paired the items with flirty dresses and the result was amazing!

Givenchy had a rounded plastic handle in a retro print attached to a black, snakeskin leather bag. The handle was bigger than the actual bag. Interesting, right?

#8. Sideways Bags

Clever designers, clever bags. It’s more than interesting to create a bag that comfortable to hold sideways. The particular design stands out in the crowd and it’s a killer look for the Spring Summer 2017 Season. It’s the ideal choice for those cocktail night or special soirees. It’s a successful replacement for the clutches. These beautiful bags are meant to be carried sideways enough to get convenient for you.

These sideways bags of Salvatore Ferragamo were actually somewhere between a bag and a clutch. The wrist strap made everything more comfortable and classy. The vibrant colors in the leather material is a perfect touch of your outfit this season. You can even play with the shades and create that color blocking effect tat everyone craves for.

#9. Upgraded Shopping Bags

Every girl has needs. Why not fulfill them with a shopping spree. It you decide to hit the stores, take a shopping bag with you! Not that boring bag that every store has at the entrance. your shopping bag. The upgraded version of it!

Your favorite activity of them all is certainly much more different with a stylish big bag that has it all. The need for glamorous reusable grocery bags become an issue in the grocery stores worldwide. That is why it is no surprise that we are seeing tote bags this season.

The Celine runway had a massive white tote bag that could contain all of the best fresh products you want. Or shirts. Or dresses.

The classiest of them all was at Sonia Rykiel because it’s a perfect combination of a solid black and white.

Paul Smith‘s leather orange handle had an orange, blue and yellow bag attached to it. It could probably work both as a day purse and as a shopping bag.

Photo Source: Fashionisers


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