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What’t all about?! The word “preppy” comes from English and it means “prepairing for college”. The history of the word itself carries us to those elite Great Britain and USA colleges, where the teenagers would apply for colleges in the mid ’50s and ’60s. During the ’80s, the preppy looks were extremely popular.

Preppy is not only on the outside. It represents a subculture. Its inventors tried to highlight the lifestyle, the manners and the vocabulary of the one carrying it.

The typical preppy would be a student that comes from a wealthy family. He is elegant, educated, attractive and he has good manners. For some people, the preppy style is associated with snobism, but it inspires much more confidence than arrogance.

Alexa Chung –  TV presenter, model and contributing editor at British “Vogue”.

The preppy style is defined as a classic fashion style but well studied, based on colors and specific items (jeans, polo T-shirts, blazers, scarves, cardigans) and different prints and fabrics combined in a modern way.


Evryone associates “preppy” with the Ivy League University, one of the oldest university in NE America, back in 1940-1950. The bell went… pretty preppy!

During the ’90s, the preppy style became “the IT style” all over again when designers like Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger add preppy into their collections. So, the new preppy has stripped shirts, elegant cardigans and classic jeans.

Representative Pieces:

  • A healthy lifestyle;
  • Sociability and friendship;
  • Respecting a certain etiquette;
  • Respecting the traditional values, like family, politic system, religion, ethics;
  • A serious attitude about life in general;
  • The appearance;
  • The belts with a bow and the gloves are small details a preppy girl wouldn’t forget, especially if she has a three-quarter sleeves trench;
  • The key pieces are: the polo sweater, the Oxford shoes, the blazer, the cardigan on the shoulders, colored ties, short pleated and thick skirts, matte tights, the sweater dress, over-the-knee socks, sporty clothing items (the uniform items: the riding pants, the riding trousers), hats, watches and scarves.


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