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The punk fashion style can be quite shocking, just like the ’70s, back to its origins. When it comes to a punk look you have to pay attention to the details. There won’t be missing the pins, the leather, the boots, the chains, the belts, purses and necklaces with spikes.

Representative Pieces: Extreme haircuts, pins, vibrant colors, graffiti clothing items, animal print, neon colors, skinny jeans, ripped T-shirts, leather pieces, clips, safety pins, punk quotes on shirts, army boots.

#1. The clips are the key element in the punk outfits. But still, when you choose them, you have to stop at some point because too much is too much.

#2. The leather jacket is always a good idea. A pair of dark colored jeans, a top or a fluid fabric shirt and a pair of stilettos, for that touch of femininity. Instead of stilettos, you should take into consideration the feminine accessories for that edgy look.


                 DIESEL                                           VERSACE

#3. The biker boots are your daily shoes. With a midi loose dress and a bomber jacket, you are as punk as it gets. During the night, the biker boots can be replaced with an over the knee boots with metallic details.

    ANTHONY VACARELLO                       VERSACE

#4. The specific punk print is tweed, in every shade possible. During the ’90s, celebrities like Gwen Stefani or Avril Lavigne were the first to introduce the classic red tweed pants in the rebel girl’s wardrobe. Soon enough, many celebrities adopted it, combining it in the most inovative ways.

                    YSL                                                  VERSACE

Among the stars that distinguished themselves with a punk look, there were the supermodel Cara Delevingne, who stands out at Met Gala (2013) due to the Burberry feminine dress with golden pins and spikes.


Photo Source: Pinterest


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