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The Right Man With The Right Shoes-fashion-for-men-how-to-choose-shoes

In the upper class, shoes were and still are the accessory to look at when entering into a room full of people. Choosing the right ones and keeping them clean, are the mandatory things that a gentleman should do.

These men behave nicely, choose a fine scent, are always on time, have the ideal hairstyle, quality accessories, the right attitude and so on.

In our era, according to the event you have to attend, there are a bunch of different shoes, from office to the smart casual or casual shoes.

Either way, make sure you take our advice into consideration!

#1. Choose Quality Over Quantity 

No matter how tempting it may be to buy 2 pairs instead of one, try to figure out if it’s the best thing to do. If you get to choose only one, this would have to be the best at every test. So, a quality one is much better than 2 bad copies. If you really want to be taken seriously, dress much better than you usualy do! If normally, you choose casual ones, when you’ll dress nicely, everyone would be amazed.

Even if your image is strongly built, the appearance plays an important role, so, choose leather shoes, slip-on ones or whatever is suitable for the event.

The Right Man With The Right Shoes-fashion-for-men-how-to-choose-shoes

#2. Underdressed or Overdressed?

It’s better to be overdressed because it’s so much worse if you feel bad in a circumstance when you are underdressed. Everything on you may look cheep and you’ll simply feel awful. When you are overdressed, you may transform it into something else immediately, maybe a casual look, because you have something to work with.

No matter the case, if you wear clean, comfy and elegant shoes, you’ll rock, because you are a determined man who doesn’t want to compromise and it’s more than capable to negociate.

Even when there’s nothing to win at, it’s better to be prepared for anything.

The Right Man With The Right Shoes-fashion-for-men-how-to-choose-shoes

#3. Choose accordingly to your personale taste! 

Don’t buy something that your friend would wear. You’ll feel unconfortable the whole event. Never choose something not suitable for you and your personality because everyone else would notice the inconvenience.

The Right Man With The Right Shoes-fashion-for-men-how-to-choose-shoes

As you may see, we advice you to choose balance in everything.

Look good and feel good, guys!

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