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It’s ironic really! You should choose your clothing and your shoes according to the weather nowadays. It’s tricky because you may choose the right choose in the morning but, during the day things may change outside. The weather changes constantly, especially if it’s spring or autumn.

For example, the suitable shoes for slippery floors are flats or the ones with think heels made of materials that do not retain moisture or get wet exposed to water. Here are some other rules to follow when you step outside on a cloudy day and not only.

Situation #1: Unexpected summer rain

The summer rain turns the dust into a slippery layer on the asphalt recently rebuild. You may slip on those portions near a shopping ceneter or a hotel. If you want to make the right decision, choose thick heels or oxford shoes. That way, you still look chic but in a smart casual way. If it’s a must to choose heels, choose so, but be careful not to choose suede on a rainy day. There’s nothing chic if you fall down.

You can even choose elegant boots. It’s so much safer because your foot is completely covered. The tricky hing would be choosing the color. The rain drops will immediately show on a vibrant color, or even a nude one. Carry with you in your purse some wipes to clean them before showing up at the meeting.

Situation #2: That moment when you really want to wear those red stilettos!

Yep. It’s a tough one because that idea got stuck into your head. The ideal thing to do: take them with you in a bag and wear a pair of comfy shoes on the way there. You’ll change in your car or just before you get in. You really don’t want to let the weather ruin your battle plan.

Situation #3: Do you remember wedges?

This kind of shoes are the ideal combination between flats and heels. It’s like you aren’t decided what to wear. Platform shoes are your savior because they are chic, comfy and you can walk between the ponds of water without any problem. Go for it!


Our Advice

Buy the shoes you really want and stop thinking about the weather because it’s going to be fine. Be confident with what you are wearing and carry with you the right things: a sponge, wipes, a shoe cream.

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