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The rock fashion style became one of the most appreciated trends in fashion. Why? Because it has quite an attitude.

This particular style isn’t for everyone. It may be simpler, or it may be complicated, according to the amount of courage you have.

The confidence, the vibe, the actual attitude is very important here. You should know that the rock style mixes up with glam, punk or grunge, but, it remains approachable and modern.

Representative Pieces: the biker jacket with double pockets, ripped and bleached jeans, jumpsuits, white printed T-shirts, metalic accessories, buckels, big zippers, the rock star sunglasses, leather gloves, platform shoes, big boots, chains, biker boots.

Although everyone may think that, rock doesn’t mean black and heavy metal music. When it comes to this fashion style, explore your options and be as dark as you feel like. You may choose other Earth colors, but with the right attitude, you’ll rock!

Photo Source: Pinterest


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