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The beauty industry changes constantly. Every day new skincare products or makeup products appear in stores,  like BB Cream, CC Cream and DD Cream. The beauty specialists never sleep and invent all kinds of tips and tricks in matter of beauty.

Beauty bloggers, enthusiasts and other beauty specialists are curious on how these beauty products work, therefore they test them and find out more and more.

Currently, everyone fights on BB Cream, CC Cream and DD Cream. What’s the difference between them? These products are meant for your skin, but, as unusual as it may seem, they are for men and women. As we all know, everyone has to take care of their skin. So, these creams are an important part of the skincare routine and makeup routine.

The BB Cream

This one combines the benefits of a light foundation and a hydrating creme. Its short version is “blemish balm” or “beauty balm”. The person who invented it was a German dermathologist named Christine Scharammek.

Its first use was covering up the burning scars or the ones left behind the surgery interventions. Meanwhile, the BB Cream was reinvented and became a hydration creme, a cover up for the imperfections, it protects you from the sun, it covers the dark circles, it minimizes the fine wrickles.

It became better and better due to its empowering ingredients for multiple benefits no matter the type of skin you have. This product is meant to give you that instant glow and texture to your skin.

You shouldn’t mix it up with a foundation because it isn’t. It’s a colored hydrating cream and it’s considered to be a skincare product. You should use it as a primer, before applying the foundation.

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The CC Cream

The CC Cream is the bigger brother being the short version for “color control” or “color correcting”. This one is a step further to the foundation. Being also a multifunctional product, it has UV protection, ithydrates the skin, hides the imperfections, minimizes the pores, but also corrects the color due to the small amount of the foundation pigments.

This one covers up more than a BB Cream, but it still isn’t a foundation because it’s main benefits are to be a treatment for the skin. You can use it as a light foundation, a primer, a concealer, corrector, hydration creme, solar protection, depigmenting cream, illuminator, anti aging creme, pore minimizer, cuperose treatment.

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The DD Cream

This one is the latest invention of them all. It’s short for “daily defense”. This product is much more concentrated from every point of view starting with its power of hydration, its ability to be a shield against the external factors, minimizing the imperfections, hiding the scars and correcting the shade of your foundation.

It will protect you against the sun because of its higher SPF and it also is for your face and body. It doesn’t cover up your skin in an aggressive way as it may seem. It gives you an instant layer of a natural glow. If you choose a darker shade, you can even use it as a bronzer.

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We are curious to find out more? Are you curious too?

Stay tuned on the next beauty and skincare products on the market. We think that BB, CC and DD Creams are only the beginning. The sure thing is they are good in your skincare routine and the price isn’t high at all.

Happy shopping!

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