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Going out may be a pleasant thing to do in your spare time. It’s ok for a young lady to have fun with her friends, so, there’s no reason for something unexpected to happen. We all know that it may occur some accidents like lipstick on the glass, a stain on your shirt, clogged clothes and… heels incidents!

Luckly, with this article, you can find out what type of heel to wear according to the bar’s floor. You can’t even imagine what awkward would be to get stuck on the floor, to slip or to walk on the glass if it’s the wrong shoe at the wrong place.

You have to know that in the club, for example, there are lots of people and the spike type of heel is the wrong thing to wear at that time. You’ll dance, you’ll make room in the crowd and it can be quite unconfortable.


Here are the type of heels to wear according to the type of the floor!

#1. On the massive parquet. You can see this type of floor in Irish pubs or avantgardist type of bars. The best thing to do is to choose thick heels and the ones that are no more than 8 cm high.

#2. On the carpet. Choose whatever you like because it’s a comfy type of situation. You should take into consideration that the spike heel can get stuck in the carpet’s material. Beware!

#3. On the 100% natural linoleum. This type of floor condition has specific properties that allow walking on it with any type of heel, under one condition: the heel should be low. This kind will give you stability, therefore your favorite stiletto should have no more than 6 cm.

#4. Flotex floors. In some pubs or fancy ballrooms, you can find this type of PVC floors, meant to be durable but soft as the carpet. So, go for whatever you want because the floor will fancy you. Stiletto, right?


You never thought about these, right? But, for sure you came home with a strong pain because of the shoes. They may be unconfortable, but the floor you stood on for the last couple of hours may be an extra reason.

So, we invite you to enjoy those heels, but be careful to enjoy the right ones for the night!

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