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classic tuxedo

A classic tuxedo is the main feature for a “Black Tie” event. That means giving up your elegant suit and wearing something that will definitely make you look smart.

classic tuxedo

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What is a classic tuxedo? 

A classic tuxedo is an extremely formal evening outfit and a very important piece to fit into the strictness of Black Tie standards. Its origins are to be found in the military uniform.

Traditionally, evening affairs required wearing a black tuxedo. Either you are invited to a cocktail party or to a film festival, a classic tuxedo is a must. Fashion designers also created tuxedos for weddings: white coat and black trousers.

Usually, for daytime affairs, people would have a different dress code. However, modern times seem to have been re-writing these rules and nowadays tuxedos are associated with formal functions in general. Therefore, it has become more and more accepted also as a daytime formal wear. Of course, it still remains a matter of personal choice, based on own principles.

  • There are several main features for a classic tuxedo. First, there is the satin coat featuring
  • top collar
  • satin peak lapels
  • single button front
  • pocket square
  • satin besom pockets

Then, there is the white turn-down shirt with shirt studs. Thirdly, the flat front trousers with a satin pant stripe. And finally, the bow tie will add the classic look.

As far as shoes are concerned, you Oxford shoes would be an excellent choice. Also, velvet shoes might be an option.

As you can see, for classic tuxedo, satin plays the major role in showing elegance. In fact, this is the main difference from regular suits.


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