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Tips and Tricks About Androgynous Haircuts and Hairstyles

What’s different, it’s interesting! The androgynous haircut may be quite different than everyone else due to the fact the it takes guts and attitude to pull it off.

The tomboy fashion look goes hand in hand with it. The boyish girl haircut and the masculine vibe are good to go in this androgyne look, no question in that.

The haircut is one thing. But the hairstyle is the other, and a much difficult one. It breaks all the beauty rules and became a huge trend among the beauty icons everywhere.

Mia Farrow and Josephine Baker are the best examples of that androgynous look. Their debut year made quite an impact and set the trend ever since. They prefered the unconventional and became an example for this beauty styling.

Photo Source: Pinterest

In modern times, The Chanel Fall Winter 2015 Collection approached it in a much more modern way.

But there’s more: if you want to pull it off, you must have some good products in your daily routine. We are thinking of wax, hair conditioner, gel, hair creme or any other helpful spray to fix it right.

Photo Source: Pinterest

First, you have to get the right haircut. Choose the best hair stylist on the market because it’s an essential step in your everyday look.

The products come in the second place and, it’s up to you to make it amazing. For sure, you can’t handle every thread from the first time, but exercise is everything. Try harder the second time around! Step by step, you’ll fix it just like at the hair salon!

Photo Source: eBay – Tigi Catwalk Session Series True Wax

Photo Source: Pinterest – Hydre, Sebastian Professional Hair Conditioner

Have fun girls!


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