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Most of the times, we tend to neglect some beauty tricks, especially when it comes to the eyebrows. Although you should know that, when it comes to your face, the perfect shape of your eyebrows is pretty important. Even if you choose to wear makeup or you go natural, the eyebrows are a beauty trick you should consider to shape in the right way.

The functional role of the eyebrows is to protect the sweat drops on your forehead. Above all that, the Mature Nature gave us aesthetic benefits. Everyone wants to have the ideal shape because it’s important to have a certain symmetry. Most of the times, the left eyebrow doesn’t match with the right one, but at the salon you get them even.

Few years back, the this eyebrows were trendy, but, nowadays, the ideal shape is the natural thick shape. Cara Delevigne was the first to set the trend. Full of personality, the thick eyebrows makes you young and fresh.

The basic rule is to get them to fit your figure, otherwise it will highlight the imperfections.

Here are the tips and tricks for the perfect eyebrow shape.

#1. Find the right shape

This first step consists in taking out the obvious uncomfortable threads with a tweezers. Look into the mirror and start shaping them. Take 2 long pencils and place them appart from the top of your nose, up to the end of each eyebrow. That would be the right shape for you in order to get them even. Do not brush them too much because you’d want to keep the natural look.

If you can’t do it, go to a specialist at a salon. Do not take any risks! It’s important to have the right shape. From time to time, you need to keep it together and respect it.

#2. Fill in the blanks

The secret to the volume of the eyebrows and the impeccable shape consists in using the best beauty products: the classic eye pencils, the eye shadow, powder, brow mascara and gel for eyebrows. Before you buy either of them, make sure the shade suits you. Do not overload!

#3. Give them a little glow

After you shaped them good, contour them to look amazing. Contouring them is a beauty trick you just have to make. Apply a little illuminator on the arcade. It creates a fresh look.

#4. Fix the rebel threads

In the end, fix them all up with a transparent eyebrow gel. All you have to do is to puff the formula and then, brush them with a mascara brush to arrange them one by one and to make them last longer.

Here are the beauty products you need to have.

DIOR – DiorShow Brow Styler Gel

SEPHORA – Brow Builder Waterproof Gel
L’Oréal Paris – Design Brow Artist Xpert
SEPHORA – Brow Zings Kit, Benefit
AMWAY – Signature Color Brow Kit, Artistry


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