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The strapless bras can be a blessing in certain occasions. In case you choose the size and the right model, this item will become the most used in your closet. Why? Because it’s discreet and it’s supportive in every outfit. There are no straps to be seen.

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This season, the “it” item of the season are the off-shoulder shirts or the one shoulder ones. Think of all those moments when you don’t have a strapless bra? It would be so uncomfortable to pull them down every time.

Here are some steps to follow when choosing a suitable strapless dress.

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#1. The right support

The cup support is extremely important because that’s what it’s supposed to do. It shouldn’t be tight to leave marks on your skin.

#2. Measure yourself

It’s important to know your measurements. In stores it’s pretty difficult to choose just by looking at them. It might look suitable in your hands, but not fitted at all. On the contrary, it will make you uncomfortable. When you put the bra on, it shouldn’t be larger than a finger between your skin and the bra. You have to be able to breathe wearing it.

#4. Move around!

Right after you put it, move around. It might be possible to shift. Jump, bend, lie and lift your arms to see if it stays in the same shape as before. If the strip bra lifted, it’s too large. Change the size and repeat the process until it’s good enough.

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#5. The Bra Cups

The bra cups are supposed to add volume in the breasts area. In case you have a large size already, it’s not a mush have. The cups have to fit you breasts in the perfect shape. Not too tight, not too loose, it just has to look natural.

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#6. No hydration cream

Admit it! If you apply hydration cream , the strapless bra will slip. The main attributes of a bra should be: support, comfort, naturalness and be well fitted. The oil or the cream are risky, especially if you are in the middle of an important event. At a cocktail party, it might be awkward to lift your bra up all the time.


Take care of your bras because they get into contact with your skin and they shape your body. Wash them manually, even more during the summer days when you sweat so much. If you found a certain brand or type, stick with it and buy more.

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