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I don’t know about you, but my house is very important. It simply has to reflect the person living there 100%. Everyone dreams about a fancy apartment or a gorgeous house. The ideal things in it should be the designer furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows. Right?

Unfortunately, reality hit and we came to understand that renting or owning a home is pricey enough. Therefore, we would make it as our home. We thought about all those tips and tricks on how to make our space look more expensive without breaking your expenses account.

Interior design tips and tricks work like magic. But, above all that, some of the best flats are great not because you spend much, it’s actually the love surrounding it. It’s all about the attention to detail in the things you can find there.

If you really want some tips on how to master your “expensive” apartment and make it look like from a magazine, here they are!

#1. Invest in some vintage basic items

Although you’d want your home as millenial as it gets, the vintage allure will always be appreciated. It’s like all those basic clothing items you can’t get rid of. The timeless pieces are the vintage ones.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of nice vintage things that can be much more affordable. What’s more stylish than a vintage ’50s coffee table. It has much more character to it, than an Ikea kind of table.

Fact: you can find vintage pieces at your grandparents’ house. Even asking family members if they have anything they don’t need anymore is always a good place to start.

For example, in your bedroom you might find two vintage bedside tables. It’s really about finding things that you like and getting inspiration from them. Many of you may wonder if these items are going to be dirty or pretty old, but simply clean them and put a new cover on. You just have to try!

#2. Choose colors

The most important thing of them all is to get the colors right. You’ve got to think about it as if you have all the budget in the world, but you don’t. If you’re not bold enough, just start with a white box and start adding a touch of color. Coordinate the colors that you’ve picked with the rest of the room.

The change is amazing! The feeling of a room is cool simply because it’s not white or beige. A pastel color or a pale blue may be the best, especially for your bedroom. It will give the room a different feel and a little bit more sophistication. I promise!

A great inspiration for color is looking at jewelry. Look at the magazines and the ways that jewelers put different colors of stones together. Get the right combinations, and you’ll obtain the perfect combo even in your house.

#3. Be ready to upgrade things

It depends on where you can allow your budget to go, but if you can put your money on a few statement pieces, it’s good enough! One or two items with a higher value could be a nice touch. The actual secret is to make sure you have a plan for the room. You have to really coordinate everything and the easiest way to do that is to use what you have. If you have an existing sofa, update it with some nice contrastant cushions.

In stores, many ideas come from the luxury designers, so it’s safe to go. The upgrade may consist in a picture frame, a vase, curtains or a tray table. The important thing is to not take it too literally because then you will look like something out of the ordiary. It has to be different enough, but also to blend in. You’ve got to be a bit more daring and start to mix it up and simply upgrade.

#4. Turn your creativity on

It’s something that comes really handy. People do a lot of it but many of them are afraid of doing it in the first place. You can update things, or you can repaint them. In terms of fabric, the creativity process is a generous one. It’s just about being creative.

If you’re by the sea or the mountains, you can find stuff on the beach. You can find twigs and you spray them a color. You put them in a vase and they will simply look amazing. Nowadays, a lot of people forget about making things themselves. The DYI projects are quite challenging because you get to be part of it. It’s actually really enjoyable, and even can get a lot of satisfaction out of it. Simply turn on your sense of creativity! You’ll be amazed.

#5. The details make the design

It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how you make it look. The details make the whole design because it’s the cherry on top. Putting fresh flowers out is quite important. They smell good, they look amazing and even give a fresh vibe to your place.

When you look at interior magazines and online, you can get loads of ideas from homes all over the world. You should know that they have huge budgets and the inspiration details are the tiniest. When you look at their flowers, they’ll just have some white roses in a bowl. Don’t they look great? You don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy florist, but you can spend few bucks on white rose. Easy, right? You can easily make your home look quite sophisticated that way.

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