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In order to have credibility in front of someone you have to leave a good impression. That means your look must be impeccable, well almost. The best way to do that is to stick with the basic, starting with manicure and pedicure.

Today, you’ll find out the best way to do the pedicure in your own home. If you skipped the appointment at the salon, you can figure it out anyway.


Here are 10 easy steps for the perfect DIY pedi, that will achieve salon-standard toes at home. Afterwards, of course we will guide you through the colour. Here are the tools you’ll need!

#1. First, file your nails using a glass nail file.

#2. Apply the best treatment you can find to help remove unwanted cuticles. This step is very important because, otherwise, the chosen shade won’t look good. It’s possible not to have cuticles. You’re a lucky girl!

#3. Leave your feet to rest in a foot soak. On the product of choosing, you’ll find the allotted time specified.

#4. Use a foot file to buff away any dead skin cells.

#5. Dry the feet before pushing back cuticles with a special stick.

#6. Apply a foot cream or lotion for 10 minutes, wrapping each foot in a towel to ease absorption.

#7. Unwrap your feet and massage in any excess product. This step is really relaxing. Find the spots that hurt and massage them to feel better.

#8. Use nail polish remover to clean your talons thoroughly in preparation for polish.

#9. Apply a layer of base coat to your nails, followed by two coats of your chosen polish.

#10. Finish up by applying a quick-dry spray to speed up the drying process. This one will ensure a flawless finish.


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