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Tokyo streetwear

“You can tell if it’s a good collection if people are afraid of it. In ten years, everyone will love it.” – Rei Kawakubo

Tokyo is a fast moving fashion-mecca. Every day new trends appear and those from yesterday may be gone already. There are so many different fashion styles, cultures and subcultures that make Tokyo one of most interesting cities in fashion industry today! Each season styles change, subcultures come and go and brands are born and die… And that is the unique characteristic of it!


Japanese Streetwear

Streetwear is a general term that has come to define a number of developing fashion trends in Tokyo. When most people think of outlandish Japanese fashion, it is Japanese Streetwear they are envisioning.

The style refers to those who take their inspiration from Hip hop and R&B cultures from overseas and even Japan. “Designer sneakers, military inspired jackets, and screen printed t-shirts are often common aspects of this style.”  Tokyo-Fashion


Furthermore, Punk has still a major influence in most Tokyo streetwear fashions. We can highlight the advent of the screen printed t-shirt and the slim legged denim that has become both famous in Japan and around the world for its original, handmade ingredients and sources.

Skateboarding culture is another major influence on streetwear fashions. It can best be seen in the massive array of different sneaker brands and styles on the market in Tokyo and throughout Japan.

The truth is that for decades, Tokyo’s streets have been a showcase for new fashions and trends to emerge. It has a major impact on fashion worldwide. What young Japanese people wear on streets has intrigued visitors, celebrities, and fashion personalities from around the world. As some say: “if one wants to know what the next likely street or youth fashion trends might be in two or three years, often they need only look to Tokyo.”

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