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Top 10 Best Fashion Schools Worldwide | CEO WORLD Magazine Rankings

Congrats on your decision! The business of fashion awaits! Finding the right educational course is the next thing to do.

In 2010, CEO WORLD Magazine first began ranking the best fashion schools across the globe. We wanted to provide you with a comprehensive snapshot, and to help you figure out which school is right for you by explaining why each of them is worth a look. Here’s a brief overview of our criteria:

#1. The Annual Tuition

Art and design schools are generally expensive, although tuition can vary a lot and, at many colleges, it increases each year. The number you see on each college’s page does not include room and board and incidentals. While tuition is not the most heavily weighted category on our list of criteria, we did factor the cost into our rankings as it relates to the cost of living in the area of the fashion school provided.

#2. Famous Alumni

Famous alumni are the actual designers, tailors, photographers, models or anyone famous involved in the industry. But, you have to consider that just because a school hasn’t produced a famous name (yet) doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Every single one of these schools has placed students in major fashion houses, commercial labels and other important fashion businesses. We all know that behind every famous name is a talented support staff. They are getting paid good money to do it.

#3. Alumni Feedback

There are lots of surveys of past and present students about their experiences at these fashion schools and we took into considerations every suggestion.

#4. The Quality of the Faculty

#5. The Practical & Business Training

#6. The Social Life

#7. The Career Counseling

#8. The Financial Support

To generate the list, CEO WORLD Magazine surveyed more than 62,000 fashion designers, former students, fashion houses, fashion recruitment consultants and industry professionals. The Best Fashion Schools rankings evaluate data on more than 307 fashion schools. Studying in a world-renowned fashion school is practically everyone’s dream.

Although there are lots of fashion schools worldwide, you should know that it is not an easy task to decide which of these elite colleges you want to be in. CEO WORLD Magazine Fashion School Rankings is designed to help prospective students to choose correctly.

Discover the top 100 fashion schools worldwide with the CEO WORLD Magazine.

Global Rank School name City Country Score
1 Central Saint Martins London UK 98.6
2 London College of Fashion London UK 98.4
3 Parsons School of Design New York USA 98.3
4 Kingston University London UK 97.8
5 Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Belgium 97.6
6 Fashion Institute of Technology New York USA 97.4
7 ESMOD Paris France 97.3
8 Istituto Marangoni Milan Italy 97.2
9 Bunka Fashion College Tokyo Japan 97.1
10 Royal College of Art London UK 96.8

The following best fashion schools worldwide would be Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium) and Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (Ramat, Gan, Israel).

Which one would you choose?

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