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Hey there beauty lovers! There’s a catch in every makeup trend. Today we talk about the eyeliner, the colored eyeliner. Not everyone dares to wear it, because it’s much safer to go for black or brown. It goes with everyhing and it’s not hard to match it.

This season is all about color! The colors on your eyelids are a must have during the summer season, no matter the makeup product you choose. Dare much more and choose efevescent colors and put your eyes into the spotlight for just a while! It coles with overcoming your comfort zone and it willl gie you a fresh look with something glam in it.

Here are the top 5 colored eyeliners very hot right now!



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Your usual black eyeliner will intensify your look. But a trendy color will highlight it even more and in a modern way! You can even combine 2 colors that you like, usually a darker one and a light one.

Choose one that has a precision stick: a classic sharpening one, kajal or khôl. This makeup trend was, is and always will be stylish. On the runway, it comes in different shapes and colors. The main trend now is the fishtail eye. If you’re open to trying new things, try the graphic shape.

Here are some makeup looks to get you inspired!

Photo Sources: Pinterest, Marie Claire


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