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Acne is a tabu thing when it comes to skin care. Almost everyone had it or still has it, no matter if you’re an adult or a teen. It may be a dermatological affection or otherwise, and due to that, there are myths on how to treat them.

It’s not aestetic, it’s not healthy and that’s why everyone tries to attack it in every way possible. Therefore, you get to believe some remedies to clean it.

Because acne is a common affection, lots of people thing they have found the one tratment to solve it. They believe they have the skills to try these miraculous treatments that, in the end, it doesn’t help. In some cases, it even gets worse, because if you treat it bad, you aggravate it.

#1. The chocolate diet is good for acne

Although nobody managed to figure out the connection between skin care and chocolate, you should know that every type of food with high glycemic index (sweets, white bread, pasta) can increase the level of cortisol from the blood, so it may appear the acne. In general, refined carbohydrates are to blame for. The actual problem isn’t chocolate, but the sugar and the added milk (powder). The higher the amount of cocoa, the lower the glycemic index. These being said, the dark chocolate with more than 70% is better than any other chocolate.

#2. Make-up  products treat it

There are tons of make-up products and brands that promise to treat it. No make-up product does that. Either it covers it, either it prevents it by simply being non-comedogenic products. We all should know that lots of make-up products have benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that helps dealing with acne. That would be the only thing good for it. If you are struggling with it, you should only use these non-comedogenic products.

#3. Acne is for teenagers

Wrong. Acne doesn’t select people according to their age. Yes. It’s a common thing to see it at teenagers and that’s because of the level of hormones, but people at all ages may have it, even after menopause.

#4. If you’re tanned, the acne dissapears

Partially wrong. Exposing into the sun won’t help you treat it, it will make the redness less visible. You should know that when the tan dissapears, the acnee signs will reappear.

#5. The toothpaste treats the blemishes

It’s the most popular trick everyone knows, but no one truly knows if the ingredients contain something specific to treat it. Most of the formulas contain Lauril or sodium sulfate that iritate the skin and produces pore clogging, even worse for acne.

#6. Washing your face more often prevents it

Wrong! Acne will be kept under control by eliminating the sebum excess, but washing your face more often has nothing to do with it. Because the water isn’t that clean, it may cause a much intense form of acne. The dermatologists recommend washing your face no more than twice a day and exfoliating your skin max 3 times a week. Washing your face too often may destroy the natural shield of protection of your skin.

These being said, we recommend not to listen everything you hear on how you can treat your acne.

Be careful with your diet, respect your annual doctor controls, practice good health for your skin and keep up with a lifestyle that best suit you.

If you have this specific problem, please advice with a specialist that will tell you everything you need to do to take care of your skin.


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