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There are times in which the beauty products we all are familiar with become overrated. A true example of that would be the make-up brushes. The new obsession are the make-up sponges, best known as beauty blenders. These became indispensable for every girl out there.

Because women everywhere need to have the perfect tool to apply their foundation pretty fast every morning, they replaced the brush with these kind of sponges. This product is great because if you have something to retouch, you may quickly do that with it because it already has product on it and it has a good shape to get into difficult parts of the skin.

This beauty item makes everything easier, when applying the concealer, the BB Cream, the CC Cream, the foundation or the primer and your skin will look flawless.

You should know that on the market you may find different types of make-up spongess because each and every one has specific purposes.

#1. The Contour Make-up Sponge

It’s the latest trend when it comes to beauty sponges, because it’e meant to get the ideal contour of your face. Just to be clear: the sharp area is meant to apply the darker shade, while the curved and the side part is meant to apply the lighter shade. The flat part will give one last touch.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#2. The Classic Beauty Blender

This one is an an egg-shape kind of make-up sponge. The classic beauty blender is versatile and you may use it as you wish: the top of it is for those difficult-to-get areas (in the corner of your eyes, around your nose, under your lip), while the wider one is for the rest of it. When you place it into the water, the product on it will last longer and it will apply better for that impeccable look.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#3. Modelul Givenchy

At the beggining of the year, the French brand launched his first kind. Its shape is quite unusual because the top of it is proeminent in order to get to those difficult places on the skin. The wider one is for the forehead, the chin and cheekbones. The middle cut is for the fingers, because the owner should be able to use it quickly.

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#4. The bullet sponge

It’s that product that imitates your finger perfectly. This is meant to have precision in the corner of your eyes.

Photo Source: Pinterest

#5. The diamond shape

This one has impeccable coverage because the thin peek was specific created to do that (blemishes, spots, irritation marks), while the base highlights the forehead and the cheekbones. The sides help you to own the contouring technique.

Photo Source: Glamour Magazine

#6. The tears

It’s tranparent, made of silicon and it has no pores whatsoever. Make-up artists prefer it when they apply the concealer.

#7. The multitasking

It has an egg shape but the base is flat. It looks like an egg cut in diagonal. This architectural beauty product has a blending feature, while the sharp one is for those little imperfections and the flat one would be for contouring.

Photo Source: Pinterest

Which one have you already tried?

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