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TREND ALERT: The Backpack

Everyone is mad about it! The latest trend – the backpack – is more than we ever expected. Due to its versatility, this one should be in every girl’s wardrobe.

It first appeared in the XVII century in the army. Nowadays, the backpack isn’t a military accessory, but a way of life. It can be used while fishing, hunting or… in street style looks.

TREND ALERT: The Backpack

The Type

When choosing a backpack, you have to think its utility. Either you want to throw in it the whole house, or just a few things, its size must be the right choice. If you are a glam girl, you’ll choose a fancy one. If you love sporty outfits, you’ll choose a patchwork or a jeans backpack. Nowadays, the leather backpack is so trendy and it never goes out of style. It became the latest type of purse.

The Size

This item has volume and multiple pockets. It’s the perfect choice for long walks or at a picnic. The color palette is quite big, therefore this accessory is a must have. You can even take it to the office if it’s a mailman kind of backpack. It’s practical and a simple choice. It’s casual, chic and quite comfy to wear.

The Utility

For an elegant choice, you may pick a smaller one with chains, glitter or feminine touches. There are cute prints in every store. For sure, you won’t wear it with heels. It’s better to choose brogue shoes, oxford, platforms or wedges to go with it. For those days of lack of inspiration, you can even take it with you at the pool.

For the daily outfit, the leather backpack should be the best choice. Any shade is a good one. For a walk in the park, suitable one is the nylon or textile one. Chose whatever print and color you like, and wear it with attitude!


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