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Did you thought the winter is over? Well, it is, but this trend is not. The feathers seem to be present in our wardrobe more than never. We are talking about the feathered shoes. Whether heeled or flats, sliders or stilettos, feathered shoes are once again back in the spotlight.

They are statement, without doubt. The difficult thing would be to put them together with something. They may not be practical, but everyone seems to love them. Designers from Ganni to Christopher Kane are bringing the fun look in the street style files.

Fur shoes are the easy way to add an instantly bold statement to a simple edit. The common thing to do is to get statement accessories. Why not this type of shoes?!

Multiple choices from the online stores are waiting for you. How to wear them?

#1. The feathered heeled sandal styles are ideal for putting a seductive twist on your evening look.

#2. The flip-flops/slides add that girly touch in a boyish outfit.

#3. Slippers like these will give you the throwback look, that proves you’re not taking style too seriously. Add them to a pajama and you’re good to go… outside your house.

Photo Source: SheerLuxe


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