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charlie and the chocolate factory sunglasses-johnny depp-how to wear-sunglasses-spring-summer-season-2017

Fashion is constantly changing and very fascinating in every way. That’s because of the brave choices that designers and fashion lovers make every season.

So many times, it happens that uninspired elements suddently become a must have that season and vice-versa. Due to these changes, what was odd now is cool, and an example of that would be wearing the sunglasses. In the following, we will talk about how to wear sunglasses this summer.

Some of the most famous designers gave us an interesting and quite original alternative to wear the accessory of the moment during the hot season: Oversize Sunglasses.

On the runway, Michael Kors had round frames, like those from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” worn by Johnny Depp.

charlie and the chocolate factory sunglasses-johnny depp-how to wear-sunglasses-spring-summer-season-2017

One of the 2017 Spring Summer Trends is wearing the sunglasses other than normal – behind your ears (as usual) but without pushing aside your hair. This represents a confident and relaxed attitude. This visual effect creates the illusion of a thin face because it sharpens your features.

This careless and sensual attitude was present in the Gucci Spring Summer 2017 Collection, where Alessandro Michele made quite an act with this particular style.

Another way in which you can wear your sunglasses is in a combination with a turban, in a vintage chic kind of way. This kind of look will have the same effect of a casual efortless look. In addition, it will create a wider forehead and a much more thin and luminous face.

These being said, the odd the better! The most powerful influencers in the fashion industry and not only, adopted a particular style.


Leandra Medine, the founder of the fashion and lifestyle blog “Man Repeller”, wore sunglasses in casual outfits and she rocked the efortless look we all are looking for. Her blog is quite an inspiration, being a true style encyclopedia.


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