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Sneakers here. Sneakers there. Sneakers everywhere.

For sure you have already noticed that sneakers took over Instagram and Pinterest. Nowadays, they aren’t only for sporty looks, but for everything. Most of the times, wearing them in some combinations, break the rules in fashion. Now that’s how a trend begins!

Modern girls introduce sneakers in outrageous combinations. They are cool, extremely versatile and they go with any type of outfit, well, almost any type. They can place your look in the casual area either it’s an office, an elegant or a classic one.

It’s the hottest thing right now. To combine sneakers with other than the obvious choice, is quite a hard thing to do. These shoes managed to overcome the sport area and it gained a special place in everyone’s closet.

In time, these sporty shoes became a must have for every woman that wants to combine utility with aesthetics. If you watch the 2017 fashion trends, you’ll notice the casual attitude in every street style outfit. It’s like these girls master the efortless looks!

Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, Selena Gomez, Olivia Palermo, Cara Delevigne, Black Lively are some good examples. Many times, these celebrities chose sneakers over the feminine stilettos. They are comfy, they look good in every occasion and quite efortless.

In stores, there are lots of designs. Patterns, florals, vibrant colors, neutral colors, with shoe laces, without them, sneakers are a good choice if you run the errands that day, but not only.

You can combine them with sporty clothing items, but also with feminine ones like a fluid dress. You break the rules by adding sneakers to it. Just try it!

Our suggestion: a midi denim dress, a pair of oversize sunglasses, a statement clutch, maxi earrings, voluminous hair and white sneakers with floral accents.

Find your inspiration in the following pictures!

Photo Source: Pinterest


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