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The pants are an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. It comes in all kinds of shapes and colors and its type comes from different sources of inspiration.

This time, we want to bring into your attention the baggy pants. These are Orient-inspired and they are some kind of flare pants – extra flare pants. European borrowed it and other cultures made it underground. Therefore, the hip-hop singers placed them right into the spotlight.

Nothing is more comfortable than a pair of loose pants with a fluid look. Although, normally, we tend to think of sports activities and not street style at all, the designers made them a must-have this season.

Most of them are wide enough to cover the shoes and you can combine them even with oversize items to get the baggy look entirely, or with tight shirts to highlight the waist.



PORTS 1961

So, DKNY chose a some-kind-of-loose-jeans with a bomber jacket and casual shoes, while PORTS 1961 chose an elegant white pair and created an outrageous suit with ribbons. The impeccable lapels and the all white look turns you inot an elegant girl that can attend a business meeting.

You can turn around this kind of look into a precious one by adding elegant long earings, patent leather and the proper attitude.

Even though the baggy pants have a massive aspect on you, they can be part of feminine looks in vibrant shades of color. Therefore a natural makeup, a curly hair, red lipstick, minimal jewelry and loose pants with a mini top can be the perfect combo for a bohemian, angelic and innocent look.

The casual DKNY look is quite interesting because it captures the urban vibe and aesthetic features of the street style with a messy hairstyling and a bandana on your head.

Get ready to conquer the world by mixing the masculine cut of baggy pants with the feminine items you find suitable to capture the unpredictable!

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