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A bandana is more than a trendy accessory to wear. It may become a signature style. You may style it according to your personal touch.

See how in the following list.

#1. Wrap It Like A Choker

Choker necklaces were last season’s hottest accessory. Why not maintain it for another one? WHy not using a bandana? Wear a simple V-neck T-shirt and add the bandana for that interesting touch.

#2. Bandana + Jewellery

Layering is a cool trend. It might be a nice detail in your mix. Roll it into a tight choker and add to different length gold chains. This may be the collest festival look.

#3. Sub In For A Necklace

Switch up your jewellery routine by subbing out delicate necklaces in favour of a tough bandana. Tie the scarf in a loose knot that sits on your clavicle and team with a low cut top.

#4. Replace Your Hair-Ties

If style mavens like Lorna Luxe and Lucy Williams are using bandanas to tie back their tresses, you know it’s time to get on board. The ideal low-key accessories look for a holiday, keep jewellery minimal and sunglasses for a beach-ready finish.

#5. Switch Up Your Bracelets

The modern way to wear a cuff, wrap a scarf round one wrist for a chunky look, and balance it with delicate gold chains on the other.

#6. Bring Your Bag Up To Date

Tying a bandana in a loose knot around your handbag earns instant cool points, and is a handy trick to dress down more formal designs. Whether it’s vintage Chanel or a high street cross-body, an efortless tied scarf will give any style an off-duty spin.

#7. Use As A Belt

Give your outfit a DIY feel by swapping out your belt for a bandana. Wrap diagonally to maximise length and loop through jeans, adding casual accessories for an effortless look.

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