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Summer is just around the corner. So, we decided to figure out what are the best colors to dress with. When it comes to the latest trends in fashion – men, women, children – we all should know that during summer, the palette is wide open. Although, there are few colors that stand out from the crowd.

Black isn’t a choice because you’ll suffocate wearing it, especially if it’s a monochrome outfit. If the weather is kind with you, go for it, but, normally isn’t a good vibe, even if it suits you best.

The Spring Summer 2017 fashion trends are quite open regarding the colors to wear. If you’re stubborn to wear only the neutral and safe colors, at least accessorize it outside the box.

This season is all about vibrant colors, so we encourage you to try at least three of them. Here they are!

#1. Electric Blue

We all remember the latest scene from the movie Disney “Sleeping Beauty” – the dance. To qualify this particular shade of blue, you should know that it was the signature of the French painter Yves Klein. On the runway, Céline made quite an impact with electric blue outfits. For those of you who choose precious stones, a good idea may be sapphires.

#2. Orange – Corai

Orange-corai is a powerful shade, close to vibrant red that puts you into the spotlight. You cannot get through if you wear this kind of effeverscent color. If you have brown hair, it’s even better because it creates a contrast. Either it’s on your nails, on the shoes, jewelry, a scarf around your neck or even a pin in your hair, you get that sensual vibe for the summer breeze. For a true fashionista, the bolder look would be orange-corai + electric blue.

#3. Neon

Yellow. Pink. Turquoise. Orange. Either way it’s a must have this season. It’s even better if you have a tanned skin. If you’re not comfortable with it, choose vibrant mustard or a neon colored item and a neutral one in the same outfit. We all remember Beyonce in her video “Hold Up”? That mustard color make it worth our while.

#4. Greenery

Imagine that: How could the Pantone Color of the Year 2017 shouldn’t be included in this top?! If you are not a fan of it, you should go  straight to the jade shade.

#5. Pink

For the <all black everything> girls, pink is a color of choice to play with. Even the baby pink can be combined with neutral colors. Choose pink flats, oxfords or espadrilles with a metallic detail. Why? Because you get to wear two trends a time!

Have fun girls!


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