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The denim jacket is a must-have this season and it’s one of those timeless clothing pieces everyone should have – either you’re a boy or a girl. A classic one is wearable every season whatsoever and it doesn’t looses its charm at all.

The trends in fashion change constantly, but some pieces are quite an investment. One of these is the denimjacket. You can wear it in almost every combination either on you, either on your shoulders. The denim material was, is and will be cool anytime.

Even if the denim is considered to be a casual fabric, fashion surprises us all the time and it places it in the most unusual outfits. It’s good to wear the “all jeans” kind of outfit, jeans + leather or jeans over a lace top. These materials are out of the box individually, but put together, they make quite a statement in street style outfits.

For the next event, try a different kind of look, an unexpected one with a chic dress with glitter and spaghetti suspenders and an oversize fringed denim jacket. Add to it a red shade of lipstick, golden and geometric accessories and you’ll look straight from the runway.

If you decide to take out your dog or just to take a walk in the park, choose a denim jacket with a hoodie + a pair of colored sneakers for a young and fresh look.

The color of choosing is any one you like the most. The classic choice would be the obvious blue, but the grey one looks great too. The black one can be easily mistaken with a normal kind of jacket, therefore, it won’t have the same effect on you.

For the daily outfits, choose the denim jacket with embrodery, sooooooo in this season! They’re everywhere! Even with funny messages written on them. Either it’s about the patchwork, grafitti, lace or painted denim, they are cool, trendy and very hot this season.

Photo Source: Pull&Beat, Topshop, Asos, Zara websites.

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