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The Spring Summer 2017 season caught us with new trends in terms of fashion. The unusual one would be the double handbags. It’s bold, impressive and in combines the utility with pleasure. The most famous fashion designers around the world took this trend as it is and showed it during fashion weeks worldwide.

The maxi bags are no longer a thing. Replace them with… two little bags/purses/handbags!

Photo Source: Pinterest (Valentino)

Maison Margiela suggests that women everywhere should wear a backpack and a bag asside of it. Valentino or Hermès are other designers that exposed this new trend during fashion weeks.

Photo Source: Pinterest (DSquared2)

Dolce&Gabbana, Céline and Dsquared2 encourages us to join together two different bags, both different regarding the color or the print. Is the perfect thing to do to obtain that powerful contrast and just stand out from the crowd.

This kind of thing will attract glances from everyone and will give you a cool vibe. Your life will get easier because now, you don’t have to decide which bag goes with what. If you just can’t decide, just take them both.

Photo Source: Pinterest (Celine)

You’re free to choose the color or the designer. The different the bags will be, the better for you. Just pay attention to the print. It’s good to be the same one, because you’ll get things wrong. Dare to experiment  this kind of trick and get our inspiration straight from the catwalk.

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