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The fashion designers set the trends into the world of fashion. These become cyclic and they come back one in a while just to highlight more.

For example, after the 2017 trends are presented on the catwalk, the clothing items are displayed into stores and the trendsetters and the rest of the world will propagate them through retailers and marketing platforms. Basically, a trend can become viral in a short period of time and a true interest for everyone in a heartbeat.

The trendy fashion style is a comfy and chic fashion style. A trendy girl is in love with open spaces and enjoys walks in the park and comfy but chic and sexy kind of clothes. She can wear cowboy boots, horse riding boots, army jackets, leather jackets and biker boots and off the shoulder T-shirts but not in the rock kind of style, but in a chic relaxed one.

She isn’t quite a fan of the vibrant colors and loves the basic materials: manually knitted wool, cotton, canvas, velvet, felt. She would wear jeans and casual shoes or boots with tunics closed with two rows of buttons.

A trendy girl enjoys Earth kind of colors and would choose to put a vibrant color in only one piece of clothing in the whole look.

But what’s the catch with this fashion style? The most interesting thing would be the fact that there are no rules whatsoever. The sole purpose is to create an authentic mix of clothing items that would represent your state of mind and the attitude you would want to transmit.

How to dress trendy? You should know that any outfit can be a trendy one if it starts with a well-tailored long pants, skirt, short pants, jeans or chino. It’s essential to focus on well-cut items and quality materials and to keep up with the latest trends.

A trendy kind of girl focuses on comfy designs and she has an eye for details. She doesn’t want to turn heads but she will get the attention somehow with out-of-the box styling tricks.

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