Vienna Offers Eco Fashion with Bold Style Surprises
Vienna fashion

A famous city, one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Vienna. Arts, opera halls, splendid gardens, exquisite buildings and palaces make the Capital of Austria a must see destination in Europe.

The rich and interesting history of Vienna gave inspiration to many artists, including famous fashion designers.

In this beautiful city people dress very well. It is a stylish city that has stylish citizens, specifically the women.

Viennese tend to wear clothing that is quite formal and stylish: very smart casual or smart business orientated clothes. Dark colors are generally more popular.

It is a conservative society indeed, however is full of creative flair and bold style surprises. Vienna has a lively fashion design scene.

From avant-garde accessories to modern, stylish ready-to-wear, Viennese designers prove that Austria’s fashion scene deserves a place on the world stage.

Eco Fashion

Vienna fashion

Austrian textile, clothing and also leather industries enjoy an excellent reputation all over the world. It is famous for its high quality products and the creativity and reliability of its companies.

Even more: 80% of Austrian country style fashion is exported worldwide. Their high quality natural material, like pure wool and cotton, silk, leather, has global appreciation. As related with hiking or vacations, the distinctive “Austrian look” is known even in countries like Japan, Hong Kong, USA and Canada.

Vienna fashion

Ecological, fair and climate-neutral are the principles that Viennese Fashion is trying to respect. New Fashion in Vienna can be define as fashion with lifestyle and elegance produced under the most socially and ecologically fair conditions.

Fashion week

Vienna fashion

“The fashion week in Vienna is one of the only fashion events that carries so much importance for the designers, fashion lovers and for the fashion scene in itself.”- Claus Tyler, one of Austria’s top designers

MQ Vienna Fashion Week it is a seven days event that takes place in the Capital of Austria every September at the Museum Quarter.

Vienna fashion

Vienna’s Fashion Week event is a recent addition to the industry calendar. However it has built a global reputation for its daring and avant-garde designs, unexpectedly given the city’s conservative reputation.

MQ Vienna Fashion Week is a platform of exhibitions, events and fashion shows.

Get more information about the event and the current dates here.

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