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VW Up GTI 2018
VW Up GTI 2018


At the end of May 2017, Volkswagen came up with a new car model,  VW Up GTI. They prepare it for selling starting with 2018.

This is an urban car, that the producer created especially to replace Volkswagen Lupo models. In fact, this is a sport car from GTI series. The idea was to adapt this car model to the crowded cities with heavy traffic. On the other hand, people expect more of it as a sport car.

Moreover, VW Up GTI is a a tribute to the first Golf GTI, which was presented in 1976.  Therefore, there are certain similarities between the two models.

Main features of VW Up GTI

The new model VW Up GTI features a turbocharged three-cylinder engine. Actually, this engine belongs to a new generation from the German producer. The manual six-speed-gearbox represents the best choice for driving around the city. The car reaches  100 km/h in approximately 8,8 seconds and the maximum constant speed is 197 km/h.

Of course, this is only a prototype. However, it features all GTI hallmarks. There’s a stripe down the bottom edge, tartan seats, red stitching on the steering wheel and a fancy red and black finish on the Up’s molded dashboard. GTI badging at the front and rear combines with the classic red radiator grille stripe. At the same time, the grille itself is honeycomb pattern with gloss black finish. Black stripes run down the bottom side sills, and new 17-inch alloy wheels are wedged underneath the wheel arches.

GTI gains a larger roof edge spoiler and a red stripe across the hatch lid. The new spoiler isn’t just for show – VW says it really is there to provide extra downforce over the rear axle. New, ‘sports’ running gear means the whole car sits 15 mm lower than the standard version of the city car, and the sporty front and rear bumpers will make the cut when it goes on sale. Both three and five-door versions will be available.

In conclusion, VW Up GTI is a promising car. The starting price is around 18,000 euros, which makes it quite expensive for a GTI car.


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