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Everyone dreams about the perfect wedding. If you already decided to take the step, the inevitable thing to do is to organize it. Most of us want a lavish one but with a small amount of money. Here are some tricks in which your wedding may look expensive.

Most of you invest in attire. It’s a myth to go with the most expensive wedding dress to show extravagance. There are 8 tricks to apply to show more with less.

#1. A White Wedding Dress with… A Touch of Color

The white wedding dress is overrated. Unconventional brides choose a touch of color in it. Either it’s a layer of veil or a flower in your hair, add that “je ne sais quoi”. The extreme thing to do is to buy a colored one. Now that’s a different kind of bride!

#2. Restaurant with Chandeliers

Even if you choose an expensive restaurant, a beautiful chandelier may be a splash of glam. Their opulence may add a gorgeous detail in your decoration.

#3. Golden Details

Lately, golden details are in style. It may add extravagance and it will make your decor much more glamorous.

#4. White Flowers

White is amazing in everything. It symbolizes elegance, glam and extravagance. White flowers as a center piece will be highly appreciated.

#5. Other Than a Black Suit

An unconventional groom will choose other than a black suit. White isn’t good, but black is overrated. The colors we have in mind are grey, burgundy or navy. For sure, you will stand out from the crowd!

#6. The Wedding Testimonies

Any golden detail in the wedding testimony will be appreciated by everyone. It looks extravagant and it’s never out of style an object to remind everyone of your happy day.

#7. The Candy Bar

Choose a colorful candy bar. It will attract everyone’s attention. The macaroons and the chocolate mousse will look amazing and a bit expensive.

#8. The Wedding Dance

Choose an unconventional decor for the wedding dance. The bride and groom deserve something more in their happy day. Think of soap bubbles, smoke, ice, a beautiful decor made of glass bottles and gorgeous flowers.

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